Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

First real post ♪

Heyheyhey ! ♪
So today we went out and made pictures . This is me , Raiko . I am 16 years old , I live in germany and my hobbies are playing guitar , going to concerts / conventions , listening to music and stuff like that ♡^▽^♡ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

ekekekeke I lost a rhinestone from my ring ; ;

And this is me , Yoruu . I am currently 16 years old but I will turn 17 in december , I live in germany too and my hobbies are listening to music and drawing .

Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

Hello everyone! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

We decided to start a blog here now !
So , our names are Yoruu and Raiko and we are two 16 year old girls from germany who are interested in japanese fashion. You will find here our outfits , intersting events like conventions / concerts we've been to and random stuff from our life ! 〜(・▽・〜)
We mostly don't have enough interesting themes to blog about everyday , but we will try to blog as often as we can , promised ! ( ́・ω・`)
Tomorrow we are going to make the first pictures for our blog , yaaay ! c:

See you ! ♥
 -Raiko x Yoruu